Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

All booking related changes, alternations and cancellations must be made in writing. All rates are quoted in USD per person and include taxes and VAT. OlaNordic guarantees that there will be no changes in the prices of confirmed tours. A detailed list of all services included in the tour price will be specified under each tour. Any extra expenses incurred by the client during the tour, for example use of telephone, hotel mini-bars, etc. must be paid directly by the client to the hotel or other provider of such services, prior to departure. 


All cancellations must be made in writing to info@olanordic.com.

The date of the cancellation shall be when OlaNordic receives it in writing during our office hours (Monday-Friday 09:00 – 17:00 hrs, CET).

Due to reasons reasons beyond our control, OlaNordic reserves the right to cancel the tour. Money paid for services will be refunded 100%, but OlaNordic will not be liable for any further claims.


60+  days prior to tour start: 100% refund

30 – 60 days prior to tour start: 50% refund

less then 30 Days prior to tour start: 25% refund

Travel Insurance

OlaNordic recommends that each customer has adequate travel insurance, also to include cancellation cover.

OlaNordic can not be held responsible for loss of luggage, or other personal possessions, for personal injury, accident or illness. In the event of personal injury, accident or illness, OlaNordic cannot be required to make any refunds should the tour be partially cancelled or cancelled.


Some of our tour packages include activities such as dog sledding, and optional activities such as glacier walks, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing and similar. In this relation OlaNordic acts as an agent only for the activity providers, thus OlaNordic shall not under any circumstances be held liable for injury, damage, loss or accident caused by participation in or in connection with such activities.

Liability by OlaNordic

OlaNordic has the obligation to choose all services carefully, and to prepare the tour in the best way possible. In the unlikely event that services are not fully carried out due to an error through OlaNordic, we reserve the right to provide equivalent services in compensation. In this case, further damage claims will not be accepted. Subject to this settlement, in case a breach of contract is committed the direct liability of OlaNordic for immediate loss or injury to the client subsists, provided that the breach was not caused by Force Majeure or the behavior of the client or a tour participant, and that it is a question of the non-performance of a promised service or an alteration of services which has less value than the service agreed upon in the original agreement. The amount of this liability is restricted by the sum of the agreed cost of the tour.

Furthermore the providers of the various services are basically personally liable to the client, in case the services are not being carried out in a satisfying way or to their full extent, contrary to the expectations.

The liability of the individual coach, taxi, shipping and other transport companies contracted by OlaNordic for the purpose of organizing a tour, depends on the appropriate laws of the general conditions of business, on the contracts obligations and on common usage.

Any arising complaints must be directed to OlaNordic immediately and confirmed in writing. In case complaints cannot be solved on the spot, they have to be directed to OlaNordic in writing within 30 days after the termination of the tour. Later claims cannot be taken into consideration.

Privacy Policy

We ask for personal information in the booking request section: name, nationality, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address and passport copies in certain situations (f.e. in connection with visa invitation letter for Russia that requires passport information). This information is necessary to ensure that we are able to make and confirm your booking. This information will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with any other outside parties except for necessary information given to our suppliers involved in your reservation (hotels etc.).

The personal information will not be sold or shared, and your e-mail address will not be forwarded to outside parties.

Information received in connection with bookings is stored in our active customer account for 3 years in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Information that we are required to keep in accordance with the Public Administration Act will be stored for up to 5 years, in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Act.
All passport copies provided will be deleted once a visa invitation letter has been attained.

We treat all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and applicable regulations. You may require access to and relocation of your personal information, as well as requiring correcting or deleting* information (*except information we received in connection with bookings that has to be stored in our active costumer account for 3 years in accordance with the Accounting Act). 

It may be appealed to the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) for processing in violation of the rules.


By paying the final amount the customer has accepted the general terms and conditions listed in this document, as a part of the agreement between OlaNordic and the customer.